Stupid Alexa Tricks: Odds n’ Ends Edition

I’ve found (and others have shared) some more Stupid Alexa Tricks: questions to ask your Echo to get a funny or unexpected reply.

First, Love My Echo reader Ann Schwader contributed this one:
“Alexa: what’s the answer to life, the universe, & everything?”

Among my own discoveries since my last Stupid Alexa Tricks post…
“Alexa: knock knock” (she has a library of knock-knock jokes)

“Alexa: how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?” (two different responses)


“Alexa: where do babies come from?”

“Alexa: May the Force be with you.”

“Alexa: which came first: the chicken or the egg?”

“Alexa: how many days until [holiday]” Plug in Easter, Christmas, Veteran’s Day, or any other holiday that’s well-known in the U.S.

“Alexa: what’s this song?” If you’re listening to an Amazon Prime, iHeartRadio, Pandora, or other playlist through the Echo speaker, Alexa can tell you what’s playing and who the artist is. Very handy feature!

Here are some more I’ve found while scouring the ‘net:
“Alexa: Tea, Earl Grey, hot.”

“Alexa: who’s your daddy?”

“Alexa: Is there a Santa?”

“Alexa: See you later, alligator”

“Alexa: where are my keys?”

“Alexa: Do you know Skynet?”


If you come across any new ones, feel free to share via the Contact form (link is in the menu bar, above). I’ll credit you by name if you give your permission in the message.


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And now…

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