How To Customize Alexa’s Flash Briefing

One of the features users are loving most about the Echo is its “Flash Briefing,” where the user says, “Alexa: Flash Briefing,” and the Echo provides news-in-brief items from various websites. By default, National Public Radio (NPR) is the selected source for these briefings, but you can change the settings in the Echo mobile app to get your news from sources like The Economist, ESPN and even TMZ instead.


The Easy How-To

Note that you can view a larger version of any of the screenshots below in a new tab or window by clicking/tapping on them. You may prefer to open up your own copy of the Echo mobile app to follow along.

1. Open the Echo mobile app and tap the Settings link. The home screen/main menu is pictured below.


2. In the Settings menu, tap to select Flash Briefing.


3. On the Flash Briefing settings menu, select/de-select the briefing sources you want by using the on/off toggle controls at the right. Tap to change them from off to on, and vice-versa.



4. Don’t forget to scroll down before leaving the Flash Briefing settings, so you can further refine the major topics of flash briefing news headline content. Again, it’s an on/off toggle control here.


Now you’re all set to hear the content you want in your Flash Briefing!


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